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2009-02-21 15:54:00

Hello and welcome to my new blog. My name is Tim and I fix computers for a living. I figured before I started posting regular articles to this blog, I should introduce myself. I am first and foremost a computer geek. I love studying the inner workings of computers. I currently have my own computer repair business in California's east bay area and San Joaquin Valley called Tracy Computer Guru. Its just me operating it right now, but someday I'll have lots of employees.

One of the best parts of my job is learning new things. I get a lot of computers to fix that I can fix with my current knowledge, but some jobs require me to do research and make discoveries for myself. The latter are the jobs that make my life exciting, and they are the reason I am bringing this blog into existence. Sometimes I have to search very hard for this information, and I am sure it would be useful to many other IT workers and computer geeks out there. I could also use a place to record these little discoveries for myself to read in the future, lest I forget. From The Desk Of The Computer Guru is a blog to put all of this knowledge in one place and provide it to others. I hope you all enjoy.