About Timothy Nibert

Hi. I'm Tim. I write clear, testable code with clean interfaces and forethought.

I bring a unique perspective to software engineering imprinted by the road less traveled. I would consider my official introduction to this field to be at the age of 14 when I installed Debian Linux on my computer (overwriting Windows 95). I promptly became stuck in the shell without an an adequate video driver to support X for the next two years. Naturally, I spent that time learning C, playing bsd-games, and participating in the online hacker community.

When I was 18 I started an IT servicing business and operated it for 8 years. I handled IT needs for a variety of local small businesses. This experience taught me that business is a very human endeavor and gave me a keen awareness of the larger context in which I work. I learned to communicate well about technical topics with both technical and non technical individuals. Above all, I gained a deep appreciation for intellectual humility.

Throughout my life I have continued to program, study, and explore. Eventually, that approach lead me to my current role building biomedical software. I am happiest when I am pushing the boundaries of my abilities. I always have a book and I always have a project. My passion and drive lie in creating great software and solving interesting technical challenges.

Outside of my career, I enjoy practicing martial arts, going out in nature, and spending time with my partner and daughter. I believe that these principles are a good way to live a life.

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